Review; is Legit or Scam, all you need to know. Review.

Hello and welcome to, in today’s review we will be walking you through everything you need to know about an online investment platform known as “”

At the end of you reading this article, I believe you will be convinced wether to join this platform or not.

The thought that always go through our mind that all online platforms are scams is totally wrong, though there are many scam platforms around, but that doesn’t make all the platform to be scam.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to stress yourself anymore, the only way you can find the solution to the above issue mentioned is for you to meticulously read through this article.

Since you’re here you already know your way, the best solution is by carrying out a research before joining any platform. That’s the right option to avoid falling into scammers.
We will look further and give detailed information on “”


“” is a multi-earning platform that claim to allow their registered members to earn by participating on any of the earning options available on the platform.

According to the platform “We are a community of goal oriented individuals. Royal Earners is a decentralized affiliate platform that offers diverse means for members to earn income daily across Africa. was designed to help you grow and earn passive income online in the “fun” way. Presently, “” is affiliating with Flutterwave & Monnify to attain seamless and smooth payment and incentive allocation”.

You can also earn on the platform by referring/inviting family and friends to join the platform using your referral link. When anyone register on the platform using your link, you get a referral bonus for each referral.

How does works.

To start participating and earning on this platform known as “”, you must make a “starter” payment of #3,000 then you become a registered member on the investment platform.

To get started on, you’ll be required to visit their official website “”, contact a coupon code vendor to purchase your code, return to the platform complete your registration procedures then, you are good to go.

When you register on, the platform allows you to start earning on the platform by participating in any of the earning options available on the platform.

You can earn on “” by sharing of posts, playing of games, commenting on posts, raffle draw and more of any other earning option on the platform.

Before you can start earning on “”, you’ll have to subscribing to any of the compensation Plan available on the platform. Each compensation plan has different commission attached to them. The higher the plan you subscribe to, the higher the commission you earn on the platform.

You can also earn on “” through their referral program which is by referring new members to join the platform using your referral link and you earn a commission for each referral.

How to register on Sign up Page.

The first step on how to register this platform is that;

*The person that refer you will send you his/her referral link via any social media communication platform.

*If you click on the link, it will take you to official page where you sign up using your full Name, email address, phone number, coupon code (which you will have to get from any coupon vendor on the platform) and set a desired secret password.

*Then click on register to successfully complete your registration.

How to login/sign to Login Page

The steps to login to the site is very simple.
When you click on the site, it will take you to their login page after you must have successfully registered.

Two parameters are needed for login, which are;
*Email Address

After you must have typed that correctly, then click on “Signin” to have access to your dashboard.

Different available Package on

This is for a newly registered member, all you need to do is to refer just two people. You earn the following:
– N3,000 commission
– *Starter Badge*
– 1gb Data (MTN/Airtel)
– 1 Free Spin (win up to to 50k)

At this level, you’re expected to bring 2 people and those 2 people bring in two people each also.
– N5,000 commission
– *Leader Badge*
– 3gb Data (MTN/Airtel)
– 2 Free Spin (win up to to 50k)

At this level, you’re expected to bring 5 people and those 5 people bring in two people each also.
– N9,500 commission
– *Master Badge*
– 5gb Data (MTN/Airtel)
– 3 Free Spin (win up to to 50k)

At this level, you’re expected to bring 10 people and those 10 people bring in two people each also.
– N25,000 commission
– *Veteran Badge*
– 10gb Data (MTN/Airtel)
– 5 Free Spin (win up to to 50k)
– Free Custom T-shirt & Cap
– 1 Free Jackpot Raffle-draw ticket (Win up to 250k)
– Access to premium courses on for a month.

How to earn on

They have 4 major ways members of the platform can earn and make passive income, which are;
– Affiliate (Multi-level Marketing: MLM)
– Activities (Share, post, comment etc and earn)
– RaffleDraw: You can partake in the weekly raffle-draw to win prices up to N250k
– Spin & Win / Lucky Wheel: win amazing prices up to 50k daily, more spins = more wins.

How to refer and make money on

Another way of earning from is through their referral program i.e., by inviting family and friends to join the platform using your referral link.

When anyone successfully register on the platform using your referral link, the platform rewards you with a commission of N1,500 per referral.

You can earn more through the referral program by sharing your referral link on social media platforms, encouraging family and friends to register.

How to withdraw on

You are eligible to make withdrawal on once you reach the required withdrawal amount on the platform. All you need to do is to provide your account details and request for withdrawal.

Who is the founder of

For unknown reasons, the CEO of this platform did not disclose his identity, no one knows the CEO as at the moment this review is been published, if anyone have a valuable information about the CEO of this platform, please drop it in the comment section.

Payment/withdrawal proof on

So far, we have not seen any payment proof on the platform as to when this publication was made.

Does have an app

It does have a mobile application which ease users accessibility to their dashboard.

Is Legit or Scam can’t officially say that is scam or legit because as to the moment of this review, we have not seen any proof of payment.
And no one has reportedly been scam by the platform.

I would advice, if you want to register with this platform, make sure you register with what you can afford to lose.


From review so far, we can’t officially say that is legit or scam. We have not seen payment proofs from the site even till the very moment of filling this review and we can’t be too relaxed because, any online investment platform can rug pull any moment just like other platform that has come before now which seems so promising but still crash down.

I would still advise that you invest with capital which you can afford to lose should incase of any misfortune.

Thank you for reading this review, I hope met your expectations to what you have researched for about, please, if you have any information or personal experience about the platform, kindly share with us in the comments section below.

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