Review; is Legit or Scam, all that you need to know. Review.

Hello and welcome to In today’s review, we will be assisting you in revealing everything you need to know about an online investment platform known as “”

It’s not a new thing to us that as the days goes by, so as ponzi schemes keeps on emerging. One needs to make adequate researches online to know the proven ways to make money online, to avoid being ripped off.

So we will make few clarifications on how this new online investment platform works, so that at the end of reading through our review, you are either convinced to join the platform or not.

About is an online investment platform which claims to reward its members some return on investment, depending on the investment plan chooses.

The online investment platform looks to the future by launching the Investing with Impact platform and the Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing, a pair of initiatives dedicated to inspiring positive social impact and fostering large-scale global sustainability.

How does works

Once you register on the platform, you’ll get access to your dashboard, and you’ll see all the investment packages on the platform.
You can decide to choose from any of the investment plans or packages you wish to invest on. The higher your investment, the higher your profits.

Another way of making more money from the site is by referrals. Whenever you invite family and friends to join this online investment platform, and the person successfully joins the platform and makes a deposit you get a referral commission.

How to register on Sign up Page.

How to register as a new user on this online investment platform is given below;


*Input mobile number

*Input captcha

*Create password

*Click Sign up

How to login/ signin to Signin Page.

Below are steps on how to login on the platform;


*Enter mobile number

*Enter Password

*Click on login

Different available investment plans on

Total 900%

Deposit Amount: ₦3000

Return Period: 90 Days

Daily Return: 10%| ₦300

Total Return: 900%| ₦27000

Total 990%

Deposit Amount: ₦5000

Return Period: 90 Days

Daily Return: 11%| ₦550

Total Return: 990%| ₦49500

Total 1080%

Deposit Amount: ₦10000

Return Period: 90 Days

Daily Return: 12%| ₦1200

Total Return: 1080%| ₦108000

Total 1170%

Deposit Amount: ₦50000

Return Period: 90 Days

Daily Return: 13%| ₦6500

Total Return: 1170%| ₦585000

Total 1260%

Deposit Amount: ₦100000

Return Period: 90 Days

Daily Return: 14%| ₦14000

Total Return: 1260%| ₦1260000

Total 1350%

Deposit Amount: ₦500000

Return Period: 90 Days

Daily Return: 15%| ₦75000

Total Return: 1350%| ₦6750000

Total 1530%

Deposit Amount: ₦800000

Return Period: 90 Days

Daily Return: 17%| ₦136000

Total Return: 1530%| ₦12240000

Total 1800%

Deposit Amount: ₦1000000

Return Period: 90 Days

Daily Return: 20%| ₦200000

Total Return: 1800%| ₦18000000

How to earn on

One can earn on this online investment platform, by becoming a registered member then proceed on investing it’s capital on any of the investment plans mentioned above.

Registered members can also earn through their referral program, by sending their referral link to family and friends urging them to join the platform using your referral link. For every successful registered members using your referral link, the platform will give you a referral commission.

How to refer and make money on

Referral program has been one of the easiest way registered members earn on platform.

12% + 2% + 1%
When your Level 1 referrals make a payment, you will obtain 12% of his payment amount as referral commission immediately. And you obtain 2% of your Level 2’s payment amount, and 1% of your Level 3’s.

Share of Lv.1’s Daily Return
When your Level 1 referrals start to obtain daily return from his investment plans, you will obtain a 10% extra share of that return on a daily basis as well.

₦500 Per Valid Refer
You will obtain ₦500 as bonus when any of your Level 1 referrals make a payment and become a valid member. This bonus is only given for one time on the same referral

How to withdraw on Withdrawal Page.

Withdrawal is made possible on this platform when the parameters given below are understood and met;

• Processing Time: 24 / 7 Auto
• Minimum Withdrawal: ₦1000
• Withdrawal Times: Daily Max 5 Requests
• Arrival Time: Within 1H
• Fees: None

Enter the amount you want to withdraw in an interface that will display on the platform.
Click on “withdrawal now” icon, your money will be sent directly to your bank account.

Who is the founder of

There was no information about the founder or chief executive officer of this platform for an unknown reason as at the time of this article publication.

If anyone should know any information about the founder, should please kindly drop it at the comment section below.

Privacy policy of

We at MorganStanley LTD Limited value your trust and respect your privacy. This Privacy Policy provides you with details about the manner in which your data is received, collected, stored and used by us. You are advised to read this Privacy Policy carefully. By visiting/using MorganStanley LTD website/ MorganStanley LTD applications, you expressly give us consent to use and disclose your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not use or access MorganStanley LTD website or MorganStanley LTD applications

Payment/ withdrawal proof on

There was no payment proof from it’s registered members online in regards to this platform when this article was published.

Does have an app

The online investment platform do have an application where registered members download the application to ease their accessibility to the platform.

Is legit or scam can’t tagged “” legit because, no proof of payment in regards to this platform was found online as at when this article publication was made.

In as much as we say “” is not legit because there was no proof of payment in respect to this platform.
We can’t say “” is scam because no one has reportedly been scammed by this platform.


From review so far, we want to conclude with our article about “” that the platform is not scam as no one has reportedly been scammed by this platform.

The platform do not have payment proof seen online and you know seeing is believing. I will encourage us all to venture into an investment platform that has proof of payment to avoid any future misfortune.

Advisedly, invest in an online investment platform with the amount you can afford to lose should in case of ripping.

Thanks for stopping by, did you found this article help? And we believed by now you have gotten all you needed to know about “”.

Please, kindly drop your opinion in the comment section below.

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