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Hello and welcome to, in today’s review, we will be assisting you in revealing all what you need to know about an online platform called “”.

Making money online is really interesting especially when you join a legit platform that that enable you to earns money.

Are you wondering if MINIECHAT is legit or scam, then read our miniechat review till the end.
“” is a legit and trusted online platform that pays it’s members for performing some simple jobs using their smart phone.

If you’re looking for a good and reliable way to make money in an online platform, then MINIECHAT is a good one.

If you want to read all about MINIECHAT and how to register, then read our full MINIECHAT review.

About is an online platform that pays you for using the social media.

According to them, you can earn money through different ways. They stated on their website that, they serve as income source and provides employment for its registered users.

MINIECHAT is a visionary organization operated by a team of well-experienced online affiliate entrepreneurs. This organization has created a social media platform called MINIECHAT aimed at providing a source of income and employment for its registered members where they can benefit here by generating unlimited income from this website. Once you have an internet-enabled mobile phone, you are good to go.

MINIECHAT is an innovative company run by a group of skilled online affiliate business owners. In order to give its registered members a source of money and work, this group developed the social media platform MINIECHAT.

The platform has taken it upon itself to create a straightforward yet extremely lucrative method of generating money for everyone in light of the worrying pace of development in the number of people on social media networks who don’t generate money online.

MINIECHAT platform was created to address these issues, and through time, they have shown themselves true to their promise and made their respected members happy.

Their Purpose

To build communities through educating, empowering, and inspiring young people.


Our Core Principles;

Integrity: We behave honestly, righteously, openly, and without compromising the truth; they seek to uphold a high standard of morality in all that they do.

Innovation: They constantly develop fresh, imaginative ideas that may improve lives and transform the planet.

Excellence: They always offer their best effort to the task at hand; with passion and dedication, they put their heart and mind into the work to get the best results.

Safety: They provide and maintain a secure environment for everyone to use.

Teamwork: They appreciate collaboration, utilizing their unique abilities and offering helpful criticism to get everyone on the same page; they work together with individuals and groups to accomplish a goal.

Fairness, objectivity, and respect for each another are values they hold dear; prejudice is not tolerated.

Sacrifice: They accept responsibility and go above and above, putting others before themselves.

How does works

If you’re here on MINIECHAT, you can benefit here by generating unlimited income from this website. Once you have an internet-enabled mobile phone, you are good to go. Take advantage of your environment, families and friends, even Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media contact and make money for yourself.

MiniEchat is a noble idea created to fight poverty by converting your time, data and activities online to a meaningful venture. We have successfully proved that we keep to our promise over-time. We make bold to say that we have many employed and weekly paid online income earners on our Multi-purpose platform.

How to earn on this platform

*Sign up and Get a whooping cashback bonus of N1,500 immediately after registration.

*Login Everyday to the website and Earn N100.

*Read news and Earn N50 per News. No limit.

*Share sponsored post to Facebook and Earn N200 per post Daily.

*Share news from the website and Earn N100 per news shared.

*Make a comment and earn 50 naira. Unlimited. You can make as many as you can on a post and get paid each time.

*You earn #500 for posting your alert on their Facebook group.

*Refer a friend and Earn N1100 per person referred, but not Compulsory.
NOTE: Referral is optional, I.e you don’t have to refer or add anyone to get paid but you can help share the goodness. it a win – win game no one is losing. You can add your referrals bonus to your activities earnings and CASHOUT big time.

With a one time registration fee of #2,000 with MINIECHAT no more Insufficient Funds.

You’re qualifed to place withdrawal without having any referral once you hit minimum threshold of N5,000

And the most interesting part is that you won’t be charged any commission after placing withdrawal

Once you successfully become a registered member of the platform you can be making nothing lest than #50,00 every week with help of any of the Top 10 Earners on the platform.

You can also earn on “” through referral program. MINIECHAT pays you for inviting your friends and families to join the platform.
They pay N1,500 naira as referral bonus for every person that registers using your referral link.

According to them, referral is 100% optional. They pay non-referral earners completely.

Below are more ways to earn from the platform (according to them)

They have a Facebook community that if you are paid, and decide to share your proof of payment to this community, they pay you an extra 500 naira worth of airtime.

You earn N15,000 for being the best affiliate of the week and N3,000 if you are the second affiliate

Most Active member earn 5,000 every week

Note; all these promises above can be found on their website.


How to get Referral easily and make 20k to 100k in every week on on

Note; all these are ways of getting referrals according to them, and it can be found on their website.


Getting Referrals to earn without you inviting anyone on MINIECHAT cannot be overemphasized.

We have decided to explain how to go about this repeatedly even for free without you spending a dine but just your time and dedication.

Today I would be showing to you how to get massive Referrals Daily using your Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and Telegram Group

Making legitimate income online isn’t something that can just happen over night. It takes dedication, time and most importantly determination and never be lazy.

Let’s get down to business. If you take this article written here very serious, We are certain you would be banking nothing less than ₦50,000 to ₦200,000 every 2 weeks with This would be fun and what you enjoy the most.


  • Create a WhatsApp Group/Telegram Group. Name is MINIECHAT Weekly Income, MINIECHAT Earning or whatever name that goes inline with the MINIECHAT brand – you are permitted.
  • Join a whole lots of Facebook Groups. Its completely free. Check the list below, we have posted 75 Facebook Groups you can join.
  • Get as many PAYOUT PROOFS, BANK ALERTS, BANK STATEMENTS of payments made to other MINIECHAT Members from their Official Facebook Group, your WhatsApp groups, other Members WhatsApp groups, save them to your phone and use it to showcase to your potentials Referrals about the payments received from other MINIECHAT Members.
  • Writeand talk about MINIECHAT–Use MINIECHAT Banners, images as your Whatsapp Status and other platforms you can showcase the brand so your friends can ask you about MINIECHAT.
  • Post S3xy women pictures on your
    WhatsApp status and Post MINIECHAT
    Banners, text link in between your
    Whatsapp Status to attract prospects.
  • Post Topics about Women/Romance and
    add your WhatsApp Group link for
    Membrs to join.
  • Post romance topics on Nairaland. For
    Example. “Who wants to join my
    Whatsapp Group to get free daily shots of
    beautiful Nigerian women”? Post things
    like this in Facebook Groups, Nairaland,
    Forums and many social media – People
    would join. This is a click-bait. Draw their
  • Get awesome REAL and GENUINE
    testimonials from our awesome Members.
  • Control the influx of spam postings in
    your group by turning on privacy control
    if necessary – make yourself the admin so
    as other participants would not spam your
  • Get Coupon Code to register your propects for
    your interested friends and family from
    our Authorized Coupon code Distributors
  • Earn more and more money.
  • Send your ALERTS and Payment proofs to
    get more Referrals to your WhatsApp
    Groups and Facebook Group.
  • Create more WhatsApp Group and
    Telegram groups as many as you can
    manage to keep getting more Referrals for
    your earning.

How to register on

These are steps on how to register as a new member on and it’s given below;


*Input your first name

*Input your last name

*Input your phone number

*Input your email address

*Click on “Register”

How to login on

These are steps you can use to login on, which are given below;


*Input username

*Input password

*Click on “Login”

How to withdraw on

How to withdraw on is very easy and reliable, all users must provide their bank accounts details to enable easy withdrawal and transactions.

The withdrawal button is located inside your dashboard page. Once you apply for withdrawal, you should expect Bank Alert within the range of 24-48 hours.

Who is the founder of

As at the time of this publication, there is no information about the founder of for an unknown reason.

If anyone do have a vital details or information about the CEO, should kindly drop it at the comment section below.

Payment/withdrawal proof on

There is proof of payment in regards to this platform. But that doesn’t mean the platform is legit, trade carefully.

Does have a mobile app

It doesn’t have a mobile app, old and new members access the platform through different browsers.

Is legit or scam can’t officially tagged “” to be legit, though there is proof of payment in regards to this platform in as much as the platform assures the general public how legitimate the platform is.
I will advise you all to venture into with all precautionary measures.

“” can’t be said to be scam because, at the time of this publication, no one has reportedly been scammed by this platform.

Advisedly, go into an online paying platform with the investment worth the amount you can afford to lose, to avoid regret at the end because most of this online paying platform can’t be trusted.


From research so far, we can’t categorically say that is a scam because, no one has reportedly been scammed in regards to the platform as at the time this article is been published.
By so doing we can’t conclude or finalize without facts or giving concrete evidence.

The same reason why we can say is legit is that, we have seen payment proofs from participants, but that alone is enough proof to tag it legit.

We will advise you to invest with what you can afford to lose, because all the this platform seems promising and enticing but at the end it might still crash.

We believe you found this review helpful, and thank for stopping by.

We will appreciate if you share your experience with us as at the cause of reading this review and as well your personal encounter, information or opinion about “”, please kindly drop it at the comment section below.

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