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Hello and welcome to In today’s review, we will be assisting you in revealing everything you need to know about an online platform known as “”

It’s not a new thing to us that as the days goes by, so as ponzi schemes keeps on emerging. One needs to make adequate researches online to know the proven ways to make money online, to avoid being ripped off.

So we will make few clarifications on how this new online platform works, so that at the end of reading our review, you are either convinced to join the platform or not.



Kippa is a bookkeeping software, designed specifically for small businesses to help them manage their accounting needs. The Kippa app tracks inventory as well as debit and credit ledgers. Kippa is a great resource for easy debt recovery, according to the developers.

Kippa is a great tool for managing your business if you are a business owner or a startup. The Kippa software was designed specifically to assist SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in scaling their businesses while also keeping track of expenditures and daily transactions on the app.


How does works

Kippa is an all-in-one Accounting and Bookkeeping software designed to help small business owners scale their operations while also keeping track of their inventory and expenditures on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The app includes a great variety of features that SMEs can use for free. It is the ideal bookkeeping solution.

By registering your business through “Start by Kippa,” you gain access to Kippa’s business management app, which allows you to create invoices, accept payments online, and get your free TIN and website. You also gain VIP access to a network of 300,000+ merchants.

All you have to do is provide information about your business and answer a few questions, and you’re good to go.


How does benefits businesses? is an extremely useful app for business owners because it is scalable and simple to use. It is a free business resource that eliminates manual bookkeeping. accurately calculates your inventory and transactions, making it simple to balance your accounts. has other mind-blowing features that will help your business stand out from the crowd, in addition to bookkeeping and accounting functionality. We will share the features below, so keep reading.

Purpose of

  • Helps with your budget; Kippa’s bookkeeping functionality makes budgeting for your business a breeze. The app properly organizes and reviews your financial resources, allowing you to plan for your company’s future.
  • DetailedReporting; Kippa’s accounting expertise ensures thorough reporting of your ledgers.
  • AccurateFinancial Analysis; The app provides an accurate financial analysis of your company. Your business must grow, and financial analysis from the app can tell you whether or not your business is doing well.
  • Reportingin Real-Time; If an auditor is auditing your company, the app’s instant Reporting feature provides you with raw data on your company’s performance before the auditor completes his or her tasks. Features has many features that can help a business succeed. These are premium features that other bookkeeping and accounting software charge a premium for, but provides them for free. The Kippa app’s features are listed below.

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping; The app includes a full-fledged bookkeeping function that allows your business to manage stocks/inventory without counting daily, record sales and income daily, create invoices and receipts, and easily recover debts from customers.

The software includes an accounting function that keeps track of debit, credit, expenditure, and so on. It also keeps track of your performance records and balances your sales daily.

  • Free Business Bank Account; When you register your business on, you will be able to open an instant business account number with your company name, which you can use to send and receive payments from your customers.

You will also be able to separate personal funds from business funds.

  • Free POS Terminal; As a KippaPay agent, you receive a free POS terminal for your business that you can use to collect offline payments using KippaPay.

As a KippaPay Mobile Money Agent, you can earn extra money with the KippaPay Pos terminal.

  • CAC Registration in 3 days; allows you to register your business with CAC for a token of 15000 Naira and receive your documents and business registration number in three days.

Kippa will be in charge of all documentation and processes, so you don’t have to worry about anything; they will get the job done and your CAC documents will be shipped to you.

Advantages of

1. It is appropriate for small businesses and startups.
2. It is simple to use and comprehend.
3. You will be given a free instant business account in the name of your company.
4. allows you to pay bills and transfer/send money to customers in a matter of seconds.
5. The Kippa app allows you to create business cards directly from the app.
6. It gives your company a professional appearance.
7. Easy and fast registration of your business with CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission).

Disadvantages of

1. Designed exclusively for mobile devices.
2. Before using the app, PC users will need to install an Android emulator.
3. Offline printers are required for printing receipts and invoices.


Frequently Asked Questions on

– How to record a New Sale on

Follow the steps below to record a new sale;

1. Click Money In on the app’s home screen.
2. Enter the product that the customer bought.
3. Enter the product’s price.
4. Choose the quantity of the product purchased by the customer.
4. Choose the date and time the product was purchased.
5. Select the payment method used by the customer to purchase the product.
6. Click the Save button.

– How to record a New Expense on

Follow the steps below to record a new expense;

1. Click New Expense on the app’s home screen.
2. Enter the product you purchased.
3. Choose the appropriate category for the product.
4. Enter the expense’s date and time of occurrence.
5. Select the method of payment used to cover the expense.
6. Click the Save button.

– How to add a New Customer on

Follow the steps below to add a new customer;

1. Click My Customers on the home screen.
2. Click Create a New Customer.
3. Choose a contact from your phone’s address book or enter a new phone number.
4. Click Continue.

– How to add a Product on

Follow the steps below to record a new product;

1. Click Products on the app’s home screen.
2. On the following screen, click Add a new item.
3. Make a product
4. Enter the product here.
5. Enter the amount you paid for the product.
6. Enter the price at which you want to sell the product.
7. Click Save.

– How to delete a Product on

Follow the steps below to delete a product;

1. Click Products on the home screen.
2. Select the product you want to delete from the list of products displayed.
3. Select Delete.

– How to edit Product on
Follow the steps below to edit products on;

1. Click Products on the home screen.
2. Choose the product you want to edit from the list of products displayed.
3. Enter the modifications you want to make.
4. Click save.

-How do I change the information about my business on

Follow the steps below to edit your company’s information;

1. On the “Cash book” page, click the icon in the upper right corner.
2. Click Business details to edit your company name, state of residence, city, year founded, and whether or not your company is registered with CAC.
3. Click Save.

What Information Do I Need to Open a Account?

You must be a business owner and have access to a smartphone to open a Kippa account. You can now download Kippa from the Google Play Store (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS) iphone.

– Is it necessary for my company to be registered with CAC in order to use does not require that your company be registered with CAC. However, we advise business owners to register their companies in order for the federal laws of the country to recognize them.


What fees does charge? is completely free. There are no fees for using the app, and there are no hidden charges.


Who is the founder of

There was no information about the founder or chief executive officer of this platform for an unknown reason as at the time of this article publication.

If anyone should know any information about the founder, please kindly drop it at the comment section below.

Does have an app

The online platform do have an application where registered members download the application to ease their accessibility to the platform.

Conclusion can officially that say is legit and reliable.

If you want your business to stand out from the crowd or other businesses we suggest you try out, but if does not meet your expectations you can opt out for other services.

I hope the information provided here has given you an idea of what is and how it can help you scale your business. If you have any questions, information and ideas please leave them in the comments section below. Thank you for your time.

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