Is Legit or Scam, all that you need to know. Review

Hello and welcome to, in today’s review we will be assisting you in revealing everything you need to know about an online investment platform known as

At the end of this article I believed you will decide to join this platform or not.

The thought that goes to our mind that all online platforms are scams is totally wrong, though there are many scam platforms around, that doesn’t make all the platform to be scam.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to stress yourself anymore, the only way you can find the solution to the above issue mentioned is for you to meticulously read this article.

Since you’re here you already know your way the best solution is by doing the research before joining any platform. That’s the right option to avoid falling into scams platform.
We will look further and give detailed information on

About is an online investment platform that basically deals with the trading of crypto currencies, which allows members who has been registered with them to earn on their platform by investing on their virtual machine with daily interest and come out with a passive income at the end.

before earning on you have to choose your desired plan after you’re convince to join the platform, then you can go ahead. You can use Btc or any of the cryptocurrency as a major and stable crypto to scalp other profitable Alt coins to amass maximum ROI.


How does works, as stated above, is an online investment platform basically for trading digital cryptocurrency, before you will have access to this platform you must register, after successfully registering on the platform, then you can proceed.

It is a typical trading channel with active servers and stimulators whereby multiple trades can be set up in one slot at a time, it has a less complex interface which is easy to understand for beginners, it has low fees and a trailing stops to reduce loss when volatility increases in the market.

After you buy Btc or any of the cryptocurrency of your choice, preferably USDT, you will be creating a trading slot on the choosen package in the platform, in there your account will be stimulated to accommodate multiple trades simultaneously within a trading cycle.

You can also earn on this platform by referring family or friend to join the platform using your referral link.

How to register on

To register or signup on, follow the steps given below;

To register or signup on, you need to follow the steps below;
*The person that refer you will send you his or her referral link via and social media communication platform.
*If you click on the referral link, it will take you to, official home page where you can sign up using your Username, Email address, withdrawal password and a desired secret password.
*Then click on “Register” to complete your registration.

How to login on

To login or sign-in to is very simple. When you click on the site, it will take you to their login page after you must have successfully completed you registration.
The following information is required for successful login;
*Your password.

Then, you click on “Signin/Login” to access your dashboard.

How to refer and make money on has a referral program where a user can earn on this platform by referring others, and sharing your referral link to friends and family or by inviting people to the platform, after a successful referral is made and the person joined the platform you will be rewarded with a commission.

How to withdraw from

You can only have the opportunity to withdraw your profits with this platform after reaching its minimum withdrawal limit. You need to provide your cryptocurrency wallet address, preferably your USDT wallet address, then request for withdrawal, your profits will be sent straight to your wallet in any Crypto currency exchange.


Who is the founder of is a newly launched platform, which is barely a month old. There is no information about the owner or founder of the platform at the time this article was published. If anyone has any information about the founder of this platform can drop it at the comment section below.


Payment and withdrawal proof on

At the time of this publication there is no payment proof or evidence in regards to this platform.

Does has an app

To our greatest knowledge, at the time of this article, the platform do not have an app. Users access the platform from different browsers of their choice.

Is legit or scam can’t officially say that is legit because, is fairly a newly launched platform while publishing this review. No payment proof from anyone or it’s users in regards to this platform yet but that will not make it a scam.
We can’t categorically tell you that is a scam because no one has reportedly been scammed at the time of this article publication.

I will advise that in this kind of online trading investment platform, one needs to trade with caution and should only invest what he or she can afford to lose in case of any future misfortune.


From research so far, we can’t say is a scam as to no one has been reportedly scammed yet regarding the investment platform. And No payment proof from anyone or it’s users in regards to this platform yet but that will not tag it a scam.

Advisedly, don’t join any platform without knowing its standard to avoid been scammed.

Thank you so much for reading my review, I trust you found it helpful and hope to see you stop by for any other website Review.

If anyone have personal information or have experienced anything concerning, should please share it in the comments section below.

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