Is Scam or Legit. Review

Hello and welcome to, in today’s Review, am going to be walking you through all that you need to know about this investment platform called home page.

We’re going to be discussing on how things work on this platform and wether or not this platform is legit.


The BRAD Group headquarters was established in London, England in 2013, a branch in Los Angeles, the United States in 2016, and a branch in Nigeria in 2019. (such as online e-commerce, social software and short video platforms) interactive affiliate advertising service platform. BRAD is a global marketing solutions provider. With over 162,000 employees in key global markets, the company specializes in recruiting in advertising, digital marketing, communications planning, media, public relations and online marketing; each participant is unique, fine-tuned for their passions, behaviors and motivations. It translate these various data points into human understanding and build more relevant and effective marketing approaches.
Founded in 2013, BRAD is the world’s largest Internet PR recruitment group headquartered in London, UK. The BRAD Group has more than 30 subsidiaries, mainly serving local, multinational and global clients, providing advertising and media investment management. At the same time, our company is also the main agency marketer for social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok.

How the site works.

The main purpose of BRAD is to help merchants and users on these platforms complete traffic and cultivate influencers. Every time the platform helps a merchant add a task they like and follow, the platform charges the merchant or influencer a fee. At that time, the platform will allocate 90% of the cost to the member reward for completing the task. Instead, we charge a 10% service fee on each withdrawal.

How to register on the site.

The first step on how to register on this platform is that;
*The person that refered you will send you his/her referral link via WhatsApp or any social media communication platform.
*After clicking on the link, it will take you to brad365 official page where you will sign up using your phone Number and a desired secret password after you have considered it for registration.
So, it’s just your active phone number and a desired password needed for Registration.

How to Login.

The steps to login to the site is very simple.
When you click on the site, it will take you the their sites login page after you must have registered to the site successfully.
Two things are needed in order for the login to be successful, which are;
*Your phone number.
If this two parameters are logged in correctly, you will have full access to your dashboard.

Different available Package.

The different packages on Brad investment.
The different packages on Brad investment.

Staff (5000)
Per task:NGN50.00
Monthly Income:7500
Annual earnings:NGN90000.

Director (NGN12000.00)
Per task:NGN75.00
Monthly Income:22500 Annual earnings:NGN270000.

Manager (NGN40000.00)
Per task:NGN125.00
Monthly Income:75000
Annual earnings:NGN900000.

Agent (NGN120000.00)
Per task:NGN150.00
Monthly Income:225000
Annual earnings:NGN2700000.

General Manager (NGN 400000.00)
Per task:NGN250.00
Monthly Income:750000
Annual earnings:NGN9000000.

President (NGN 1200000.00)
Per task:NGN375.00
Monthly Income:2250000
Annual earnings:NGN27000000.

Shareholder (NGN 4000000.00)
Per order:NGN625.00
Monthly Income:7500000
Annual earnings:NGN90000000.

BOSS (NGN15000000.00)
Enjoy a fixed income of 800000 per day and 5% profit dividend of the team every month.

How to refer and make money.

You will go to your dashboard, Copy your referral link and share to friends and family. From there, you will get a certain percentage if they successfully register and make payment. The more you refer, so your referral bonus all so increases.

How to withdraw earning.

Steps on how to withdraw your earning are;
*During the signing up process you will be asked to add your local account number bearing the same name you used during registration.
*A withdraw password will be created, which you will enter each time you try to make withdraw to avoid a second party tempering with your funds.
So, anytime you want to make withdraw, you click on withdraw, a page will display where you will click on the account number you added on the site, type in the amount you wish to withdraw and enter your password, then you click on withdraw. In less than 24hours the money will be credited to your bank account.

Who is the founder.

For unknown reasons, the CEO of this platform didn’t disclose his identity. No on knows the CEO, if you have any valuable information about the CEO of this platform you can drop it down in the comments section.

Payment proof.

So far, we have seen payment proof from the sites. So many participant have received payments and were satisfied regarding the sites and it’s payment options. We hope the site continue paying in the long run.

Does the website have an app.

The website have a mobile application which ease users from not using other web browsers.

Is legit or scam.

We can not categorically say that is scam because so far so good, it’s paying and they are payment proof from participants.

Reasons why might be legit.

1) Payment proof from participants and Subordinates. Unlike other investment platform, when it’s time for withdrawal, they will place a high tax on your withdraw which will make you unable to withdraw your funds.
2) It does not have plenty bad Review from other Review platform.
3) They show some sign of transparency by signing contract between the company and newly registered members.


From research so far we can’t say that is scam because we have seen payment proofs on the site and it’s still paying till the very moment of this Review. And we can’t feel too relaxed because it’s an online payment platform, we have witnessed so many online investment platform that seems so promising just like but still rug pulled. But, we can never say never, everything about life is risk. You can decide to sign up with the money you can afford to lose.

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