Review. Is Legit or Scam. All you need to know.

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Hello and welcome to, in today’s review we will be walking you through everything you need to know about an online investment platform known as “”

At the end of you reading this article, I believed you will be convinced wether to join this platform or not.

The thought that goes to our mind that all online platforms are scams is totally wrong, though there are many scam platforms around, that doesn’t make all the platform to be scam.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to stress yourself anymore, the only way you can find the solution to the above issue mentioned is for you to meticulously read through this article.

Since you’re here you already know your way, the best solution is by carrying out a research before joining any platform. That’s the right option to avoid falling into scams platform.
We will look further and give detailed information on “”

About is an investment platform where you invest and earn profit. On this platform, you need to choose an investment plan before you make any investment. All investments on this platform are in USD and have a 30-days investment period.

This site is available on Google and it has a good security (Registered under SSL certificate) which means that you can trust them very well with your personal information.

Another good feature about this platform is their good site design and their good user interface.

This platform is available in lot of africa countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and some other countries asides Africa. is also a digital platform that allow internet users make real money online by performing surveys and simple tasks.

This is one of the good way to earn and increase your cash on “” platform, you can get your unique referral link after Login into your dashboard.

You can also earn on the platform by referring/inviting family and friends to join the platform using your referral link. When anyone register on the platform using your link, you get a referral bonus for each referral.

How does works

To get started with this platform is very easy, all you need to do is for you to become a member and enjoy the benefits that comes within. We are going to guide you on how to get start with

Once you have registered on “”, you will be granted access to this platform, as it has different investment plans and different earnings. The highest investment plan has the highest earnings and the lowest has the lowest earnings. But it is advised to go for the one you can afford to lose.

Apart from performing the normal tasks available on, you will also be giving a unique referral link, which you can use to refer your friends and family to join you on the platform, and you will earn a referral commissions. When they successfully register, you will be rewarded.

How to register on

To register or signup on “”, you need to follow the steps below;

*The person that refer you will send you his or her referral link via any social media communication platform.

*If you click on the referral link, it will take you to “” official home page where you can sign up using your full Name, Email address, unique Password and check your email address if they will send any verification link.

Ones everything have being provided agree to their terms and conditions

*Then click on “Register” to complete your registration.


How to Login to

To login or sign-in to is very simple.
When you click on the site, it will take you to their login page after you must have successfully completed you registration.

The following information is required for successful login;
*Email address.
*Login Password.

Then, you click on “Login” to access your dashboard.

How to refer and make money on

This is another good way to earn and increase your money on “” platform, you can get your unique referral link through your account dash board.

This link can be shared any where online and on any social media platform either Facebook, instagram, twitter or whatsapp as long as it is a place where you can tell people the benefit of this platform and lure them to sign up.


How to withdraw money on

To withdraw on this platform you can use any of the available options: Local Banks.
This feature is very good as it give users multiple options to withdraw cash.


Who is the founder or CEO of

For some reason which is unknown, the CEO of this platform is not known, this reduces site transparency and shows a huge sign of a shady business that should not be trusted, but I have seen some online platform that are legit but the CEO remain anonymous.


Payment/withdrawal proof on

At the time of writing this article there were no payment proof available, this is because they were just launched although we would update this site if we see any payment proof, so make sure to opt into our notification feature to see updates.


Does have an app

At the time of writing this article, do not have a mobile app only a good design and a user friendly site.


Is Legit or Scam can’t officially say that “” is scam or legit because as to the moment of this review, we haven’t seen proof of payment. But that’s not enough reason to tag them scam just yet.

And no one has reportedly been scam by the platform.
I would advice, if you want to register with this platform, make sure you register with what you can afford to lose.


From review so far, we can’t officially say that “” is legit or scam. We haven’t seen payment proofs from the site even till the very moment of filling this review and we can’t be too relaxed because, any online investment platform can rug pull any moment just like other platform that have come before now which seems so promising but still crash down.

I will advise that you invest with capital which you can afford to lose should incase of any future misfortune.

Thank you for reading this review, I hope “” met your expectations to what you have researched for about “”, please, if you have any information or personal experience about the platform, kindly share with us in the comments section below.

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