Earn2share.co Review. Is Earn2share.co Legit or Scam. All you need to know.


Earn2share.co Review


Hello and welcome to weekedo.com. In today’s review, we will be assisting you in revealing all that you need to know about an online investment platform called “Earn2share.co”

I feel you landed on this page where you were trying to find out the review of “Earn2share.co” and wanted to understand if this platform is legit or scam before venturing into it, then you are at the proper place. We are going to be revealing all you need to know about “Earn2share.co”.

All you needed to understand on this Platform square measure planning to be discovered to you once you are done reading this article.

Making money online is really interesting especially when you join a legitimate platform that enables you to earn money.

About Earn2share.co

Earn2share.co Home Page

“Earn2share.co” is an online earning platform which claims to pay its users cool money whenever they share, or post on social media.

Well, by doing this, you could earn as much as $25 per post, and all at the comfort of your home. However, on this platform, you can still earn further in other ways.

According to Earn2Share.co; Welcome to Earn2Share, the #1 Earning Social Network. We are proud to be able to bring a social network that is actually beneficial to society. Instead of promoting unhealthy social media habits where users don’t benefit at all, we help users use social media to put money in their pockets. Now even small users can make money from their social media just like those big influencers.

Additionally, instead of profiting all of the money like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. We make sure to split it with all of our users! This is why we’ve become the #1 Earning Social Network.

How does Earn2Share.co works

To start earning on this investment platform, firstly, get registered on the website. Start doing various activities like taking surveys, playing games and mainly engaging in a referral program by telling others about the platform.

When someone successfully register on the platform, he or she will get a welcome bonus of $30. However, that’s not all as you could earn an extra $25 for sharing a post on any of the top social media platforms i.e. YouTube, Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, or TikTok.

Big brands want an activity for their surveys, apps, and games. People will find members willing to get paid for completing active tasks. Members will get paid in cash.

Sponsors pay them to get traffic that you assist them with gaining by imparting to your companions and families. But in reality, they have no organization sponsors. The main work individuals need to do on this site is to carry more individuals to this site which is only a Ponzi scheme. Supposedly!

How to register on Earn2Share.co

Earn2share.co Sign-up Page

To register on “Earn2Share.co”, you need to follow the steps below;

*The person that refer you will send you his or her referral link via any social media communication platform.

*If you click on the referral link, it will take you to “Earn2Share.co” official home page where you can sign up using your Full name, Username, Email address, a desired secret Password and confirm Password.

*Then click on “Start Earning” to complete your registration.

How to Login to Earn2Share.co

Earn2share.co Login Page

To login or sign-in to “Earn2Share.co” is very simple.

When you click on “Earn2Share.co”, it will take you to their login page after you must have successfully completed you registration.

The following information is required for successful login;
*Your Username or Email address.
*Your Password.

Then, you click on “Login” to access your dashboard.

How to refer and make money on Earn2Share.co

To get your “Earn2share.co” referral link, all you just need to do is to log into your account, and you will find it on your dashboard.

For each referral made on “Earn2share.co”, you get a referral bonus of $15, and not only that, you earn an extra $1 each time a person clicks your referral link.

You can also earn on “Earn2Share.co” through their referral program which is by referring new members to join the platform using your referral link and you earn a referral bonus for each referral.

How to withdraw money on Earn2Share.co

You are eligible to make withdrawal on “Earn2Share.co” once you reach the minimum required withdrawal threshold on the platform.

The minimum withdrawal amount on “Earn2Share.co” is $200.

All users on the platform can withdraw their fund in numerous ways. For example, with a PayPal, or Venmo, or Ethereum, or cash app. What you need to do is to select your preferred withdrawal method, then request payment.

Who is the founder of Earn2share.co

There was no information about the founder or chief executive officer of this platform for an unknown reason as at the time of this article publication.

If anyone should have any information about the founder, please kindly drop it at the comment section below.

Payment/withdrawal proof on Earn2share.co

There are payment proof from it’s registered members online in regards to this platform as at when this article was published. But it happens that, it’s a copy and paste testimonies from other investment platforms. So to say that, those payment proof are not true all true.

Does Earn2share.co have an app

The online investment platform don’t have an application where registered members can access the platform. They access the platform from different web browsers.

Is Earn2share.co Legit or Scam

Weekedo.com can’t officially tagged “Earn2share.co” to be legit, because the payment proof in the platform is purely cooked, it’s a screenshot of other investment platform testimonies. in as much as the platform assures the general public how legitimate they are.
I will advise you all to venture into with all precautionary measures. That’s if you want to risk it.

“Earn2share.co” can be said to be scam because, at the time of this publication, no one has been able to withdraw because, the withdrawal threshold is too high, I hope you see what the platform is trying to do?. Your guess is as good as mine.

Advisedly, go into an online paying platform with the investment worth the amount you can afford to lose, to avoid regret at the end because most of this online paying platform can’t be trusted.


From weekedo.com research so far, we can categorically say that “Earn2share.co” is a scam because, no one has been able to withdraw from the platform as at the time this article is been published.

The same reason why we can’t say “Earn2share.co” is legit is that, we have seen payment proofs on the platform but it’s not coming from the main users of the platform, so, that alone is enough proof to tag it scam.

We will advise you to invest with what you can afford to lose, should incase you want to give it a try, because all the this platform seems promising and enticing but at the end it might still crash.

We believe you found this review helpful, and thank you for stopping by.

We will appreciate if you share your experience with us as at the cause of reading this review and as well as your personal encounter, information or opinion about “Earn2share.co”, please kindly drop it at the comment section below.

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