Review; is Scam or Legit, all that you need to know. Review

Hello and welcome to, in today’s Review, am going to be walking you through all that you need to know about this investment platform called “”

We’re going to be revealing how things works on the site and wether the platform is legit or scam.

About is forex trading platform where users are allowed to earn cool cash by investing and earning up to 300% profit on the platform.

You can also earn on the platform by referring/inviting family and friends to join the platform using your referral link. when anyone register on the platform using your link, you get a commission for each referral.

How does works.

To start participating and earning on this platform known as “”, you must be a registered member of the platform.

To get started on “”, you’ll be required to visit their official website “”, complete your registration procedures then, you are good to go.

When you register on “”, the platform allows you to start earning by investing and making up to 300% profit on the platform. allows you to invest on their platform and earn up to 300% profit. But before that, you’ll have to fund your account with a minimum investment amount of R50, start trading to earn your daily profit. You can also try their demo free account which requires no funding.

You can also earn on “” through their referral program which is by referring new members to join the platform using your referral link and you earn a referral bonus for each referral.

How to register on

The first step on how to register on the platform is that;

*The person that refer you will send you his/her referral link via any social media communication platform.

*If you click on the link, it will take you to official page where you sign up using your Username, Phone number, OTP and set a desired secret password.

*Then click on “Sign up” to successfully complete your registration.

How to login in

The steps to login to the site is very simple.

When you click on the site, it will take you to their login page after you must have successfully registered.

Two parameters are needed for login to the home page successfully, which are;

After you must have typed that correctly, then click on “signin” to have access to your dashboard.

How to refer and make money on

Another way of earning from is through their referral program i.e., by inviting family and friends to join the platform using your referral link.

When anyone successfully register on the platform using your referral link, the platform rewards you with a commission of 2% for every trade your referral takes, win or lose.

You can also earn more through the referral program by sharing your referral link to social media platforms, encouraging family and friends to register.

How to withdraw from

You are eligible to make withdrawal on once you reach the required withdrawal amount on the platform.

The minimum withdrawal amount on is R50 which can be withdrawn through your local bank account or through your wallet address. All you need to do is to provide account details and request for withdrawal.

NB: cash out your profit; Withdrawals takes 3 working days, Use express withdrawals for faster withdrawals.

Who is the founder of

For unknown reasons, the CEO of this platform did not disclose his identity, no one knows the CEO as at the moment this review is been published, if anyone have a valuable information about the CEO of this platform, please drop it in the comment section.

Payment/withdrawal proof on

No payment proof was found online as at when this review was published.

Does Betaforex have a mobile app.

The website have a mobile application which ease users access to the platform.

Is legit or scam. can’t officially say that is scam or legit because as to the moment of this review, the site is not paying and we have not seen proofs.
And no one has reportedly been scammed from the platform.

invest wisely, some of this investment platform will promise to pay, but in the long run they will rug pull.


From research so far, we can’t say is a scam because no one has been reportedly scammed yet regarding the investment platform.

And we can’t say it’s Legit either, because there’s no proof of payment as to the moment we are filling this review.

If you want to invest in any online platform, please use the money you can afford to lose, don’t use life savings to invest.

Advisedly, don’t join any platform without knowing its standard to avoid been scammed.

Thank you so much for reading our review, I trust you found it helpful and hope to see you stop by for any other website Review.

If anyone have personal information or experienced anything concerning, should please drop it in the comments section below.

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