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Hello and welcome to In today’s review, we will be assisting you in revealing everything you need to know about an online air ticket resale platform known as “”

It’s not a new thing to us that as the days goes by, so as online platform keeps on emerging. One needs to make adequate researches online to know the proven ways to make money online, to avoid being ripped off.

So we will make few clarifications on how this new online air tickets resale platform works, so that at the end of reading our review, you are either convinced to join the platform or not.



Asapair has people invest into air tickets resale online for people who want to travel.

What the company does is analyze the market of air ticket offers and selects the most profitable positions to purchase followed by resale and profit.

The company address is 200 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chair Hong Kong with the company number 3145691.

After taking a look at the address, it’s just an office space service called “SPACES”.

The company number belongs to ASAPIR Tickets System Limited.

When it comes to the leadership behind the company, there is no information on who runs or owns the company.

The domain “” was privately registered on August 9th, 2021 and updated on April 9th, 2022.

How does works

Been a member of this site and start participating on this platform known as “”, you must be a fully registered member.

To get started on “”, you’ll be required to visit their official website “” complete your registration process then, you are good to begin.

Making more money on totally depends on the amount of money you invest. There are packages which you can select from depending on your pocket-size.

this plan lasts for only a month, and by the end of your investment duration, you can either request withdrawal, or roll over to make more money.


How to Earn Cash on platform

There are two ways you can make money with Asapair.

First way is to invest into the company on a promise you will get some kind of return.

Second way is to recruit new people who invest and earn a commission.

How to register on

To register on “”, you need to follow the steps below;

*The person that refer you will send you his or her referral link via any social media communication platform.

*If you click on the referral link, it will take you to “” official home page where you can sign up using your full Name, Email address, unique Password and check your email address if they will send any verification link.

Ones everything have being provided and you have agreed to their terms and conditions, then click on Sign Up.

*Click on “Create account” to complete your registration.

How to Login to

To login or sign-in to “” is very simple.

When you click on “”, it will take you to their login page after you must have successfully completed you registration.

The following information is required for successful login;
*Email address.
*Your Password.

Then, you click on “Signin” to access your dashboard

Rank And Rewards

Below is the break down on how to qualify for each level and what you receive.

Level 1 – 5% direct commissions, 1% from level 1 and 2 with no bonus
Level 2 – turn over $5000 and receive 6% direct commissions, 1% from level 1 and 2 with $200 bonus
Level 3 – turn over $10,000 and receive 7% direct commissions, 1% from level 1 and 2 with $250 bonus
Level 4 – turn over $25,000 and receive 7% direct commissions, 1% from level 1 and 2 with $500 bonus
Level 5 – turn over $50,000 and receive 8% direct commissions, 1% from level 1, 2 and 3 with $1000 bonus
Level 6 – turn over $100,000 and receive 10% direct commissions, 2%, 1%, 1%, 1% with $2500 bonus
Level 7 – turn over $200,000 and receive 12% direct commissions, 2%, 2%, 1%, 1% with $3500 bonus
Level 8 – turn over $500,000 and receive 15% direct commissions, 2%, 2%, 1%, 1%, 1% with $15,000 bonus
Level 9 – turn over $750,000 and receive 15% direct commissions, 2%, 2%, 1%, 1%, 1% with $15,000 bonus
Level 10 – turn over $1000,000 and receive 18% direct commissions, 3%, 2%, 1%, 1%, 1% with $15,000 bonus
Level 11 – turn over $2000,000 and receive 20% direct commissions, 3%, 2%, 1%, 1%, 1% with $50,000 bonus
Level 12 – turn over $5000,000 and receive 25% direct commissions, 3%, 2%, 1%, 1%, 1% with $100,000 bonus


How to refer and make money on

This is a good way to earn and increase your cash on platform, you can get your unique referral link via your account dash board.

This link can be shared any where online and on any social media platform either Facebook, instagram, twitter or whatsapp as long as it is a place where you can tell people the benefit of this platform and lure them to sign up.


How to withdraw money from

To withdraw on this platform you can use any of the available options: PayPal, Venmo, Cash App or Bitcoin.

This feature is very good as it give users multiple options to withdraw cash


Payment/withdrawal proof on

At the time of writing this article there were no payment proof available, this is because they were just launched so to say, although we would keep you updated on this site if we see any payment proof, so make sure to opt into our notification feature to see updates.


Who is the founder or CEO of

For some reason which is unknown the CEO of this platform is not known, this reduces site transparency and shows a huge sign of a shady business that should not be trusted, but I have seen some online platform that are legit but the CEO remain anonymous.

Does have an app.

At the time of writing this article, do not have a mobile app only a good design and a user friendly site.

Is Legit or Scam can’t officially tagged “” to be legit, because there is no proof of payment in regards to this platform in as much as the platform assures the general public how legitimate they are.
I will advise you all to venture into with all precautionary measures.

“” can be said to be scam because After looking at the company with all the information, We can confidently say that the is scam and you should watch out.

First, we don’t know who runs or owns the company plus the company is from Hong Kong (lot of scams comes out of there).

Second, their address belongs to another company called “Spaces”.

Third, I couldn’t find any proof of them investing in tickets and producing external revenue through them.

What We do see is new investments paying off existing members which makes this company a ponzi scheme.
We would personally watch out for them.

Advisedly, go into an online paying platform with the investment worth the amount you can afford to lose, to avoid regret at the end because most of this online paying platform can’t be trusted.


From research so far, we can categorically say that “” is a scam and everyone should watch out for this platform.

We will advise you to invest with what you can afford to lose, because all this platform seems promising and enticing but at the end it might still crash.

We believe you found this review helpful, and thank you for stopping by.

We will appreciate if you share your experience with us as at the cause of reading this review and as well as your personal encounter, information or opinion about “”, please kindly drop it at the comment section below.

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