5billionsales.com Review. Is 5billionsales.com Legit or Scam. All you need to know.


5billionsales.com Review

Hello and welcome to weekedo.com. In today’s review, we will be assisting you in revealing all that you need to know about an online investment platform called “5billionsales.com”

I feel you landed on this page where you were trying to find out the review of “5billionsales.com” and wanted to understand if this platform is legit or scam before venturing into it, then you are at the proper place.

We are going to be revealing all you need to know about “5billionsales.com”. All you needed to understand on this Platform square measure planning to be discovered to you once you are done reading this article.

Making money online is really interesting especially when you join a legitimate platform that enables you to earn money.

About 5billionsales.com

5billionsales Sales is the website that is offering 3 opportunities to the whole world under which they can earn in dollars. Basically, it is an online earning and sales platform.

According to the data available on 5billionsales, this website is owned by a holding company that has acquired and operates, cooperates or franchises 25 platforms across the Web.

The name of the holding company is Guaranteed Sales and Data Limited. The address of the company is Kemp House, 52-160 City Road Central, London.

This company is registered in England and Wales (company number: 13624017) with a registered office at 20-22 Wenlock Rd, London N1 7GU.

First, being a registered company doesnt make it legit. The world has witnessed many registered companies to turned into scams. So, it is not proof of being a legit company.

Moreover, the incorporation date of this company is 15/09/2021 according to the addressadda.com website. But the domain age of the 5 Billion Sale website is 2021-05-25.

The question here is, why the holding company incorporated new and in the time period of one year, this holding company has acquired 25 platforms. Nobody knows about those 25 platforms.

Even if the company is big then why there is no data available about it on the internet? These are very subtle red flags that people never check before using any platform which marks a huge difference between a genuine and legit website.

According to the About Us page, this website is already big and getting bigger daily. They have more than 341936717 members. They all are using their browsing extension and viewing a range of smart, stealth-embedded adverts.

They have 2732947 publishers that publish their adverts on 13664735 web pages. Its consumer data ecosystem is the worlds first vertically integrated platform that pays consumers for their browsing data.

How does 5billionsales.com works

5billionsales.com Home Page

To start participating and earning on this platform known as “5billionsales.com”, you must be a registered member on the platform.

To get started on “5billionsales.com”, you’ll be required to visit their official website “http://www.5billionsales.com”, complete your registration process then, you are good to begin.

In the same way as any other earning or investment platform, the investor is able to choose between a low or a high investment plan; the choice is completely yours

They are offering 3 great opportunities to its members and these are:

1. Guaranteed Sales
2. Sell Your Data
3. Refer and $ earn

In the beginning, a person has to register himself on this platform which is free of cost. Then immediately they get a back office where they can manage their network. It is called a dashboard normally.

The registration program requires just the basic details such as email address, username, sponsor ID etc. One can use the option to join it via Facebook or Google.

After registration, the members will receive the referral Id or referral link that is used to invite others to join 5billionsales and earn commission over it.

The people invited directly are placed on level one. And when he/she invites others, the invited person is placed on level two. This chain continues to level 16 which is the last level.

Sell Your Data Scheme

According to the 5billionsales website itself, over 5 billion people dont get paid for their browsing data. They will buy it and pay its members. They will pay a $100 commission annually for each persons browsing data.

Members have to just give people their affiliate links. They pay people up to $4001..50 each year for their browsing data. They can earn through both Refer $ Earn and Sell Data.

Guaranteed Sales– Earn $3020

According to the site, people waste their time, money and energy on adverts and marketing that does not work. So, they want their members to tell marketers, affiliates and website owners about the Guaranteed Sales scheme.

They have to provide their affiliate link to them and they can buy Guaranteed sales and generate an extra $155K in sales or sign-ups in 90 days. When somebody buys adverts the member will earn $20 each which is paid out in 30 days and they can $3000 profit share.

If the members have a business or affiliate link, they can buy Guaranteed Sales too. When their level 1 affiliate buys adverts from 5billionsales one can get paid the $3020 commission (it is all written inside the 5billionsales website).


How to register on 5billionsales.com.

To register on “5billionsales.com”, you need to follow the steps below;

*The person that refer you will send you his or her referral link via any social media communication platform.

*If you click on the referral link, it will take you to “5billionsales.com” official home page where you can provide the following; full name, username, email address, password agree to terms and conditions

Then click on “Register”


How to Login to 5billionsales.com

To login or sign-in to “5billionsales.com” is very simple.

When you click on “www.5billionsales.com” it will take you to their login page after you must have successfully completed you registration.

The following information is required for successful login;
*Your Email address.
*Your Password.

Then, you click on “Login” to access your dashboard.

How to refer and make money on 5billionsales.com

Another way of earning at “5billionsales.com” is through their referral program i.e., by inviting family and friends to join the platform using your referral link.

All that is needed to be done, is copy your unique referral link from the platform by signing in to your dashboard, locate the referral section and copy link.

Share to make money; Invite friends to sign up for 5billionsales.com and complete real-name authentication

You can earn more through the referral program by sharing your referral link to social media platforms, encouraging family and friends to register.

How to withdraw money on 5billionsales.com

You are eligible to make withdrawal on “5billionsales.com” once you reach the minimum required withdrawal threshold on the platform.

You can request withdrawal by simply clicking the withdraw button from the homepage and enter your local bank account details then request for withdrawal.

Who is the founder of 5billionsales.com

There was no information about the founder or chief executive officer of this platform for an unknown reason as at the time of this article publication.

If anyone should have any information about the founder, please kindly drop it at the comment section below.

Payment/withdrawal proof on 5billionsales.com

There was no payment proof from it’s registered members online in regards to this platform as at when this article was published.

Does 5billionsales.com have an app

This platform do not have an application, it’s users access the platform from different browsers.

Is 5billionsales.com Legit or Scam

Weekedo.com can’t officially tagged “5billionsales.com” to be legit, because there is no proof of payment in regards to this platform in as much as the platform assures the general public how legitimate they are.

I will advise you all to venture into with all precautionary measures.

“5billionsales.com” can’t be said to be scam because, at the time of this publication, no one has reportedly been scammed by this platform.

Advisedly, go into an online paying platform with the investment worth the amount you can afford to lose, to avoid regret at the end because most of this online paying platform can’t be trusted.


From weekedo.com research so far, we can’t categorically say that “5billionsales.com” is a scam because, no one has reportedly been scammed in regards to the platform as at the time this article is been published.

By so doing we can’t conclude or finalize without facts or giving concrete evidence.

The same reason why we can’t say “5billionsales.com” is legit is that, we have not seen payment proofs from participants, but that alone is not enough proof to tag it scam.

We will advise you to invest with what you can afford to lose, because all the this platform seems promising and enticing but at the end it might still crash.

We believe you found this review helpful, and thank you for stopping by.

We will appreciate if you share your experience with us as at the cause of reading this review and as well as your personal encounter, information or opinion about “5billionsales.com”, please kindly drop it at the comment section below.

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